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Denver Glass Blowing Experience

Our most popular class is designed for you (or your group) to have a GREAT time with LITTLE to NO prior experience. In this stress free class, you will be introduced to the possibilities of glass blowing. You will choose to make a marble, shot glass, pendant, air plant terrarium, plant watering globe, or pipe and will have whatever assistance you need all the way through your project to ensure it comes out perfect. Opal add-ons are also available to take your project to the next level.  This class is available for 2-6 people.

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Glass Blowing Experience FAQs

  • How much does The Glass Blowing Experience cost?

    The class is $95 per person.

  • How long is the Glass Blowing Experience?

    For two people the class will be around 2 hours and each additional person will add around 30 minutes. So a four person class will be approximately 3 hours and a six person around 4 hours. Sometimes the class may run a little longer. We never rush you in completing your project and want you to take your time creating your masterpiece.

  • How many students are in the Glass Blowing Experience?

    This class is available for up to 6 people. If you have more than that, please call us to schedule your appointment. We try our best to accommodate everyone.

  • What glass art can I make in this class?

    Projects include: Air plant terrariums, plant watering globes, marbles, pendants, pipes, shot glasses, and candle holders. We are always adding to these projects and are even open to your unique ideas if you have a special project in mind.

  • What is an Opal add on?

    You may choose to use opals by enclosing them in glass and incorporating them into your project in different ways. It is the perfect way to take your project to the next level. After encasing your chosen opal the glass that surrounds it magnifies its appearance and concentrates light on the surface, adding to its charm. Our opals come in a wide range of colors, including fire black, cotton candy, and the rare blood orange. They serve as the centerpiece to your artwork and give it a stunning, glittering touch.

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